Tube Fabrication

Judson Smith also brings 50+ years of tube fabrication experience to solve our customers tube design and manufacturing challenges. Judson Smith not only fabricates tubes using standard “off the shelf” machines and equipment but also has the unique ability to build custom equipment to automate higher volume production. This capability minimizes the processing steps required to manufacture complicated tubing shapes and features and delivers significant per unit cost savings to our customers.



      • Tube Cutting: Fiber Optic and YAG Lasers, ECM (burr free), 4-Slide (shear cut), CNC Swiss Lathe (special radius), Score (light walls), Saw
      • Tube Forming: Press (rotary or single station), 4-Slide, Swaging, Bending, Punching, Die Reducing, Custom
      • Tube Machining: CNC Swiss Lathe, ECG Grinder, Driller
      • Tube Finishing: Bead Blasting, Bright Dipping, Tumbling, Passivation




  • Aluminum
  • Copper & Copper Alloys
  • Brass & Brass Alloys
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel Alloys: Includes Monel, 42 and 52 alloy, & 29-17 (Kovar®)


Tube Shapes

    Fabrication Operations to Round, Rectangular, Square, or Custom Shape Tubing Include:
    Notching, Rounded End, Flaring, Flatten & Piece, Beading, Slotting, Dimpling, Lancing, Bending, Rolled Grove, Reducing/Expanding, Special Machining

Size Ranges

  • Fabricated Shapes: OD: .010″ to .750″
  • Wall: .001″ to .065


  • From .040″ to 6 ft

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