Judson Smith

Judson Smith is a highly specialized metal tubing fabricator and medical-grade machining partner. Our focus is on exceeding the needs of our strategic partners in Medical, Aerospace, Firearms, and Industrial markets in the fabrication of complex metal components and assemblies. Our brand distinction is our 50+ years of experience in co-development of novel machines and approaches to precision component fabrication at the best value.


Process validation experts.  Certified AS9100D based on ISO: 9001:2015. Innovative technology. Shortened delivery schedules.

Over 50 years of experience and our creative approach to problem solving allows the Machining Division to manufacture complex parts while maintaining tight tolerances.

We encourage open communication between our staff and your design engineers through all phases of production, resulting in reduced lead times and minimized costs.

Total confidentiality regarding all aspects of a project is maintained for every Machining Division customer.

Technology, Expertise, Capacity

Judson Smith offers a complete array of machine capabilities, including vertical and horizontal mills, lathes, swiss turn machines, wire EDM and more. Among these capabilities is a fully automated flexible manufacturing system (FMS) enables us to provide long or short run components quickly to meet changing customer supply demands. Above and beyond the equipment, Judson Smith employs a large group of skilled machinists and technical personnel dedicated to providing the highest quality parts on time and at the best value.

More on the FMS

High speed, lights out production means precision and reduced cost for you. Judson Smith’s recent investment brings the latest in horizontal milling technology to the fingertips of our customers. The fully integrated FMS system provides maximum flexibility in tool storage and handling, setup elimination minimizing variation, part measurement with networked data collection, and ease of operation.


Judson Smith is capable of machining stainless steels, titanium, cobalt chrome, aluminum, plastics and more.

Prototype to Production

  • One piece to large production runs
  • Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)
  • 5 axis CNC Milling
  • 2 & 5 axis Turning
  • 4 axis Swiss Turning
  • Laser CuttingWeldingMarking
  • Full CADCAM Capability and Support
  • Full Tool-room Capabilities
  • Complete Machined Assemblies
  • TIG Welding
  • UID or Part Serialization

Finished Parts and Assemblies

  • Heat treating, bead blasting, cleaning, vibratory finishing, degreasing, passivation and electro polishing
  • Full assembly capabilities

Quality Assurance

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • FDA Registered
  • ITAR Compliant
  • Validation Expertise
  • Programmable Optical Comparator
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • OGP Smartscope Vision System
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • MIL-I-45208 Inspection System
  • ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 Calibration System
  • GMP Compliant


  • 40,000 Sq. Foot Manufacturing Facility
  • 3 Shift Capability
  • Single Source Supplier
  • Assistance in design for manufacturability
  • Open communication through all phases of production
  • Stocking arrangements for JIT deliveries
  • Total Confidentiality
  • All inquiries welcome
  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning & Swiss Screw Machining
  • Wired EDM
  • Laser Marking
  • Laser Fabrication

Judson Smith is a vertically integrated CNC manufacturing company.

We have a full complement of CNC machining and support capabilities in house so we are able to fully control the process and part quality. This enables us to provide not only competitive lead times and pricing, but the highest level of quality (part AND service) and the lowest overall cost to our customers.

Our CNC milling department plays a major part in supporting the integration.

Our state of the art milling capabilities allow your complex design to become reality. Our many years of experience, creative approach to problem solving and the latest machining technology allows us to manufacture and package complex components and finished assemblies while adhering to the highest of industry specifications.

Judson Smith is committed technical leadership, flexibility, and consistency. Through these core values Judson Smith is ideally positioned to helping our customers overcome challenges and ensure success.

Contact our knowledgeable sales team with any questions you may have.

Whether your turning requirements are prototype or production, our CNC turning department and technicians have the resources to meet and exceed those requirements.

Our state of the art turning capabilities allow your complex design to become reality. Our many years of experience, creative approach to problem solving and latest machining technology allows us to manufacture complex components as well as finished assemblies while maintaining tight tolerances. We minimize set-up time to maximize performance.

b-swiss-screw-machining-judsonRecognizing the special need of the medical industry has helped us in our continuing efforts to expand our in house capabilities. Judson Smith is committed to helping you, “Our Customer”, to achieve goals that cannot be met elsewhere.

Judson Smith is committed to technical leadership, flexibility, and consistency. Through these core values Judson Smith is ideally positioned to helping our customers overcome challenges and ensure success.

Contact our knowledgeable sales team with any questions you may have.

Among the vast list of vertically integrated capabilities of Judson Smith Company is Wire EDM. Judson Smith is dedicated to meet your production and precision tooling requirements.

Judson Smith Company is staffed with highly skilled individuals with extensive EDM, precision machining, tool and die experience. Our EDM process offers many advantages which are not obtainable using traditional machining technology. The EDM process is typically less expensive and efficient allowing Judson Smith to be price competitive. The process allows cycle time reduction without sacrificing quality standards our customer deserves.

Benefits for choosing Judson Smith Company:

  • Prototype to Production Flexibility
  • Reduced delivery lead time based on EDM efficiencies
  • Reduced set-up times based on minimum fixturing requirements
  • Elimination of secondary operations
  • Flexibility of cutting metals in various hardness conditions
  • Complex geometries and materials
  • Courteous staff throughout organization to service your needs

Improved quality, reduced lead time and lower production costs make the decision to choose Wire EDM and Judson Smith Company as your best choice.

From complicated medical and industrial products, Judson Smith will provide precise quality and job flexibility.

Three shifts of operation result in unmatched capacity and rapid turn-around!

Laser marking is a computer-driven, environmentally friendly alternative to silk screening, pad printing, stamping, mechanical engraving, chemical etching, and many other costly, lower quality processes. Our high-speed non-contact process provides superior quality, permanence and design flexibility. Laser marking can achieve accuracy in small detail engraving unmatched by any other engraving method.

From ten to ten thousand, precision computer control means that your last production piece will look as good as the first!

Judson Smith offers the latest technology in fiber optic lasers to provide customers with a broad array of tools to meet their application challenges. Whether cutting, welding or marking, our in-house expertise provides customers with a wide range of manufacturing technologies.

Laser Cutting

Precision laser welding is a process of joining similar or dissimilar metals together without using additional filler materials. Our beam quality allows us to control the energy being delivered, resulting in minimal heat input, therefore avoiding any mechanical or thermal distortion.

A single laser pulse or a series of pulses causes the materials to heat up at the joining area until melting point is reached…almost instantly; a clean and uniform welding path is created.

Laser Welding

Due to their short wave-length, Judson’s laser technology offers extremely precise cutting. Our four axis machines are capable of cutting multiple geometric and single wall features. The kerf width allows cutting diameters to be very small and accurate (.002″). The limited “heat affected zone” is essential when cutting thin wall metal tubing to eliminate any mechanical or thermal distortion. Contact us for more information on our laser fabricating capabilities.

Judson Smith also brings 50+ years of tube fabrication experience to solve our customers tube design and manufacturing challenges. Judson Smith not only fabricates tubes using standard “off the shelf” machines and equipment but also has the unique ability to design and build custom equipment to automate higher volume production. This capability minimizes the processing steps required to manufacture complicated tubing shapes and features and delivers significant per unit cost savings to our customers.


Tube Cutting: ECM (burr free), 4-Slide (shear cut), CNC Swiss Lathe (special radius), Score (light walls), Saw

Tube Forming: Press (rotary or single station), 4-Slide, Swaging, Bending, Punching, Die Reducing, Custom

Tube Machining: CNC Swiss Lathe, ECG Grinder, Driller

Tube Finishing: Bead Blasting, Bright Dipping, Tumbling, Passivation


Copper & Copper Alloys
Brass & Brass Alloys
Stainless Steel
Nickel Alloys: Includes Monel, 42 and 52 alloy, & 29-17 (Kovar®)

Tube Shapes

Fabrication Operations to Round, Rectangular, Square, or Custom Shape Tubing Include:
Notching, Rounded End, Flaring, Flatten & Piece, Beading, Slotting, Dimpling, Lancing, Bending, Rolled Grove, Reducing/Expanding, Special Machining

Size Ranges

  • Fabricated Shapes: OD: .010″ to .750″
  • Wall: .001″ to .065


From .040″ to 6 ft

  • Reducing/Expanding
  • Bending
  • Rolled Groove
  • Beading
  • Flaring
  • Notching
  • Lancing

Expansion or reduction of the tube diameter is frequently employed to maintain a good balance between strength and length of a component.

Transitions are smooth and free of the interference that results from the use of adapter and coupling devices. Generally, the wall thickness of the small diameter section will be slightly heavier than the larger diameter.

To avoid added operations, the ratio of the Small O.D. / Large O.D. should be .7 or greater. However, by using multiple operations, the ratio can be exceeded.

Feature Limits Tol. (IN.)
Reduced Length
+ .010
Transition angle
11' to 15'
Overall length
+ .010

The possible configurations of bent tubes are virtually unlimited. From the manufacturing point of view, the greater the bend radius to O.D. relationship becomes, the easier it is to produce a component with minimum distortion (ovality) in the bend area. This is also true relative to wall thickness, in that the heavier wall products generally bend better.

Feature Limits Tol. (IN.)
Bend radius
2 x O.D. (ref. min.)
+ .05 R
Distance "L"
2 x O.D. (min.)
+ .005
Bend angle
+ 1 deg.
Straight length
+ .010
One or more grooves may be employed to increase turbulence of a fluid passing through the tube, thereby improving thermal transfer. The groove may also be used to locate other components inside the tube or provide a means for retention of subsequent assemblies. Due to work hardening in the groove area, ductile materials and tempers should be specified.
Feature Limits Tol. (IN.)
187" max
5% to 15% of O.D.
Groove width
Groove depth
.15 x O.D. (max)
Groove location
7 x O.D. (min)

Beading can serve to provide a seat or stop on the outside of the tubular component. If the bead diameter is only slightly larger than the original tube diameter, a friction fit can be developed between the bead and the mating part. Since the bead is essentially free form, the shape is not easily controlled.

Subsequent to beading, thermal treatment may be required to relieve stresses and improve mechanical integrity.

Feature Limits Tol. (IN.)
Bead dia. (max)
1.4 x O.D.
+ .002
Bead location
.050" (min)
+ .003
Bead width
2 x wall (min.)
+ .003
Overall length
+ .003

Flared ends are commonly used as sealing surfaces; 37° flares, also known as AN fittings, required a backup sleeve and are normally used in high pressure applications.

45° flares, also known as SAE fittings, are commonly used throughout the automotive industry.

90° flares, also known as TRI-CLAPMS fittings, require a gasket and are widely used in sanitary applications where ease of disassembly is required for regular cleaning operations.

Feature Limits Tol. (IN.)
Flare diameter
1.4 x O.D.
+ .004
Radius under head
.050" (min)
+ .002
Transition radius
Under head rad. + wall
Overall length
+ .003

Notches in the tube wall may allow internal components to be viewed directly for positioning or assembly operations.

If the notch width exceeds I.D. minus 4 x wall thickness, the notching tool action must be tangential, rather than radial, to keep distortion of the tube to a minimum.

In parts under 2″ in length, Notching can be combined with tube cutting, for cost savings.

Feature Limits Tol. (IN.)
2 x wall (min.)
+ .003
Notch length
2 x wall or .010" (min.)
+ .001
Notch width (min.)
2 x wall or .015" (min.)
+ .002
Notch burrs
0 -.002" (max.)

The Lanced tab is appropriate as a stop for I.D. assemblies or to create friction between mating parts. Since creation of the tab feature does not generate any chips, it is one of the easier fabrications to produce.

Feature Limits Tol. (IN.)
2 x wall (min.)
+ .003
Tab width (min.)
2 x wall or .010" (min.)
+ .001
Tab width (max.)
I.D. minus 4 x wall
+ .001
Tab length (min.)
3 x wall
+ .010
Tab clearance
+ .003
Window burr
0 -.002


Judson Smith Company manufactures non-ferrous Seamless  / Welded  metal tubing with precision and quality.  Our in-house tube drawing capability provides flexibility in custom sizing, cost and lead-time.  Tube shapes include round, rectangular, square and others.

Tube drawing is very similar to bar drawing, except the beginning stock is a tube. It is used to decrease the diameter, improve surface finish and improve dimensional accuracy. A mandrel may or may not be used depending on the specific process used. The diameter and wall thickness of tubes that have been produced by extrusion or other processes can be reduced by tube drawing process. The process of tube drawing shown below is similar to wire or rod drawing except that it usually requires a mandrel of the requisite diameter to form the internal hole.

  • Materials include:  Aluminum , Copper, Brass and Nickel Alloys.
  • Cold Drawn Tubing:  Seamless / Welded and Drawn
  • Custom Shapes:  Round, Square, Rectangular and more
  • Size Ranges: Random Straight Lengths – OD (.010” – .375”) x Wall (.001” – .050”)
  • Size Ranges: Coils – OD (.035” – .375”) x Wall (.005” – .040”)

For many years, Judson Smith Company has been challenged with:

  • market volatility
  • new technologies
  • increased competitive pressures
  • growing environmental  and safety concerns.

In such rapidly changing conditions, Judson Smith has introduced automation throughout the manufacturing floor to maximize production line efficiency. Our automation solutions help achieve increased production, in less time and with less waste.

Judson Smith has the capability to create custom machinery to automate the fabrication process, resulting in efficient and precise production

Smart solutions allow Judson Smith and our customers to enjoy greater business profitability.


Every ATW part is USA made, in a lean manufacturing environment, exactly to spec, no compromise in raw materials or quality systems. This means fewer barriers like time zone challenges and logistics issues for customers in the US, and reliable quality at globally competitive prices for customers around the world.


Your metal component should be the very best solution possible. In pursuit of that end, we internalize your environment, look at the big picture of your application, and explore our wide array of technologies for the lowest-cost to you. We anticipate and minimize risk. We shape to you.