150 years of combined experience and innovation in metal fabrication processes. We work with you to solve design problems, evaluate available technologies and platforms, fabricate your metal parts with precision and speed, at a competitive price, without sacrificing quality. ATW Companies are based entirely in America, giving customers the ability to confidently state “Made in America”.

Judson A. Smith

Process validation experts.     ISO: 9001:2015/AS9100D certified. Better technology. Shortened delivery schedules.

CNC Machining: milling, turning, Swiss screw, Wire EDM

Tube Fabrication: wide range of materials, CNC Swiss lathe, ECG grinder, driller

Laser Cutting, Welding, Marking: precision Axis lasers, metal joining with minimal heat and distortion, unmatched engraving

Prototyping: rapid turn, focus on manufacturability

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A.T. Wall

Innovation in metal tube fabrication for more than 50 years.

Cold-drawn Seamless and Specialized Tubing: general engineering, precious metal, tantalum, beryllium copper, glass to metal, sidewall frames, feed through.

Waveguide Tubing: precision drawn for high-frequency transmission, wide range of materials, large inventory, custom shapes/sizes, full range of components

Silver rings for slip ring assemblies

Precious tubing for linear shape charges

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Pioneer of the Metal Injection Molding process and recognized leader by the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF).

Metal Injection Molding (MIM): cost effective manufacturing of small and complex-geometry metal parts, produces parts to near net shape, reduces waste and secondary machining

FASTMIM–Prototype parts in as little as 2 weeks, cost effective for low volume applications with low start up investment compared to Conventional MIM.

HDMIM–High precision MIM components achieving 5X the accuracy of Conventional MIM, and new technologies to build geometries not possible in Conventional MIM

Metallurgy and Metrology Consultation

Alloy Development and Refinement

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